Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Q&A Are memories nothing?

On Mar 14, 2007, at 9:43 AM, Rachel Madigin wrote:

that really is "something".
you people really amaze me i mean really i have always believed that nothing is nothing, and that is that. i read some of the blogs like "chrissy", the talkers of nothing, the university students, and the charles dowd. it really amazes me that so many people need such a large explanation about nothing. it is nothing really what is there to understand?

my only question is are memories nothing? i ask this because after we die all we really are to people are memories and pictures right? so after we die are we nothing or are we something?

-14 years old

To which I had no choice but to reply:

You too are a fake, a fake supporter of nothing, and a fake fan of nothing. Or else you are on drugs, which is a great way to make your life amount to nothing, but it will never make you become nothing. I can tell real amazement when I see it. My whole life I have been surrounded by amazed, stunned awestruck and bewildered fans. A person who was truly amazed by nothing would never start with a line about something or even "something" whatever that is supposed to be.

You say you read the blog post regarding "Talking about nothing", there was nothing in that e-mail to indicate that they didn't know nothing. My response was one of appreciation for the undorsement they provided.

You say you are amazed that so many need such a "large" explanation about nothing. Then you say it. You, being so well verse in the "ways" of nothing will clearly see your mistake as if there is nothing to obstruct your view of reality.

You would like to know if memories are nothing? Of course memories are something! It's called provenance. It is a great way to sell nothing from the past, even better with a photo. The sales pitch could contain something (yes something) like, "I remember doing nothing that hot summer day, here is a photo, if you buy now, the photos and memories are free".

Your "only" question is all the more irritating because you pretend to have more than a rudimentary knowledge of nothing and even go so far as to poke fun at real nothing enthusiasts. In the future, please remember to bundle yourself in with the people like psycho-robo-spambot girl and others of her ilk.

As for the part of your question dealing with what we are to others after death, what doesn't that have to do with anything? Do you really think that opinions can change anything about nothing?

As for the question of what are we after death, you could have just read a little further and found that out, this is already clearly explained in abundant detail in the 2/18/07 post entitled "Fanmail: want to be nothing".

So there you have it, some more information about nothing.


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