Thursday, May 10, 2007

Q&A Many questions about nothing

On May 4, 2007, at 10:43 PM, Sean Craft wrote a letter with many questions. These questions have been placed into this blog in an easy to read question and answer format. Enjoy:

X: Hello Sean, Thank you for your interest in nothing. We are always eager to help meager young minds to comprehend nothing. We have taken our time to pore over your questions and feel that we have adequately answered them. If you feel that we have not answered them in a satisfactory way then we suggest that you go do something with yourself.

SC: I'm just wondering, You wouldn't happen to have any empty spaces for nobodies, who normally would be doing nothing, but really need nothing else to do, would you?

X: Yes and no.

SC: Is nothing really nothing or could it be something more than nothing as some philosophers have thought?

X: Yes and no.

SC: Is it hard to package nothing?

X: Yes and no.

SC: Sorry for all the questions, but I really have nothing else to be doing at the moment.

X: Oh, that's alright. We love to talk about nothing. Answering your questions has really been a joy for me personally as it has brought back many memories of my childhood. Treasured moments from the past, which I will cherish forever, mostly dreams, but still great times. One in particular was when I was floating in a void of space, then slowly lowered down a dark brown mesh tube. All I could see were my hands reaching out in front of me feeling for anything, but nothing was there. The dream seemed to be on a perpetual loop. It started with an infinite memory of the dream repeating, as though the dream had always been happening to me even before my existence. Eventually the dream just ended, apparently before it had ever began.

SC: What are your beliefs on who it was or how nothing was created?

X: None.

SC: I can imagine that nothing could deter you from pursuing your studies of nothing, but if something could, deter you from nothing, what would that something be?

X: First of all, nothing couldn't even stop us from studying nothing. But if anything could, it would be teaching others about nothing.

SC: I trust you will divulge nothing of our conversations to noone else unless they have nothing to do with nothing.

X: If you mean that you hope I'll post this on the blog, yes, I will.

SC: Nothing is a hard topic to study is it not?

X: Yes and no.

SC: Once more, I'm sorry for being so inquisitive as to the value, study, and pursuit of nothing.

X: Once again I must remind you that we enjoy sharing our knowledge about nothing. Do not be ashamed of your interest in nothing, or for your need of assistance with nothing. Although the first three questions were very difficult to answer, I felt it was worth the extra effort to give you an in-depth generalization. That's why I didn't try very hard to answer them. On the other hand, those same questions were very simple and straightforward. Being that they were so easy to answer made me pause and really ruminate on them until I came up with the same exact answer I already had.

Thank you again.

--Xymyl (KON)

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