Monday, March 19, 2007

Giving nothing loyalists something back...

Following are a few notes from this years ∞ anniversary of nothing. These are all taken from the kudos and hoorays section.

Here at we get a lot of fan mail and numerous questions from our loyal readers. We know they are loyal, because only people of extreme loyalty would actually keep up with a site that rarely ever changes, then never changes much at that.

We appreciate nothing (just slightly) more than loyalty. Even though it is loyalty to nothing, that might as well be loyalty to us, and often it is.

So in honor of the loyalty you show, here is a little dedication to the many nothing loyalists who leave the e-mail subject lines blank, and just sign a name at the bottom of a blank document: Nothing is better than someone who makes us believe that they know nothing, except someone who keeps us guessing.

Now we will honor the nothing loyalists who leave both subject and e-mail body blank with no name included: Kudos!

Now we will honor the nothing loyalists who start sending an e-mail and then stop before sending it, as well as the ones who never have sent us an e-mail: Nice!

Now we will honor the people who constantly steal our ideas: Jackasses!

Now we will pay tribute to those who pay us for nothing: Thank You!

Finally, we honor our selves, without whom nothing would be possible but nobody would know:

Thank you for joining us today for this happy occasion.

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