Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fanmail: A few that never got replies...

As you know, I can't reply to everybody who sends an e-mail, but sometimes I like to post a few without replies, just to let everyone know that I care... about nothing. Unjoy!

Wayne said: i have believed in NOTHING since forever its just SOMETHING very dear to me

Adam said: Do you guys have anything, or nothing, to do with this? Check out the link, in actuality, it's a link to nothing, and that's what you'll see for sale there.

Thanks, Adam

Jeff said: Really don’t have nothing to say.

Freddy said: i dont get it :(

Then later he said: i get it hahahahah its freeking hilarious

Still later he said: i love this site seriously and you deserve a hug

gracias ☻

Dave said: nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing,nothing

Maria said: hello.

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