Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fanmail: If you read it you'll see why I chose not to respond

On Nov 20, 2007, at 5:02 PM, Travis Kirkwood wrote:

I don't quite get "it". If you truly "believe" in the concept of nothing, or understand "it", then it should be entirely impossible to discuss "it". There is no need to discuss something that is naught, in fact quite ridiculous since I'm sure we all know much about "it" for as you tell us it is basically everywhere at all times. Even in the case where someone is low enough to discuss nothing, (being truly loyal to the concept) all that there is that they are capable of saying to prove so ofcouse is nothing. Incase you are wondering I am not contradicting myself by discussing nothing, I am just pointing out the absurdity in doing so. Nevertheless, when talking about nothing the subject is naught which leaves plenty of time and space to discuss absolutely everything since it fits all-so nicely into the vasteness of nothing. Well... looks like everybody's wrong.

By the way, neglecting what i have said, you have truly made something out of nothing and gotten people involved. That's pretty sweet. And don't say that you have not made something. Otherwise to all this talk of nothing our minds would be void. Thanks for being interesting.

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