Thursday, November 29, 2007

Q&A Archive: Ignored questions...

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, robert spaulding wrote:

Dear Xymyl,
I wrote a check for nothing and felt less than nothing, and by this nothingly, and non-receiving 32 pages of nothing, I increase my nothingness beyond by expectations! noughly vacuumi, robert spaulding

PS are there any openings at your university? something in the sports program?

To which I seem to have somewhat incorrectly responded:


If you write a check out for nothing, you will indeed recieve nothing but
also something (that is our 32 page instruction booklet which is
certainly not nothing). It is of course about nothing, that is to say on
the subject of nothing. Of course all this (and nothing) can be yours
only if you actually send us the check you wrote out for nothing.

Often people make the mistake of thinking that a booklet or tee-shirt is
nothing, obviously tee-shirts and instructions are something and not just
anything at all, but (and here's the point) they are tee-shirts and
instructions. There is no way to make 32 pages of nothing... it doesn't
even make sense. Once you have a page you have something.

Nothing is greater than all these things, because nothing exists only in
concept, and to people who think only in concept nothing is real!

"It's" beautiful.

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