Sunday, February 4, 2007

Q&A Conversation, What do you do?

There is a conversation that I have all too often. There is some variation but there is one central element. Can you guess what it is? Anyway, the following conversation is a "mashup" if you will, of various similar conversations along that theme:

“What do you do?” I sell nothing on the Internet. “Oh, like Seinfeld, a show about nothing!” No, actually it isn’t anything like that. A show that was actually about nothing wouldn’t be likely to get much airtime, and also, wouldn’t need airtime. But I have no immediate plans on doing a show about nothing, perhaps an infomercial. “Still sounds like Seinfeld to me.” First of all, the show itself wasn’t about nothing, the show very much like it within the show (Jerry) was said to be about nothing. And, just because they used the word nothing to describe the lack of importance of the events, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t about something! “Where did you get the idea from?” Nothing. “Yes, but who gave you the idea?” No one! “Well, I don’t know.” You don’t have to know. “Well, I’m not sure.” What is there to be sure or unsure about? “Well, how did you come up with it?” Nothing, or the idea of selling nothing? “Nothing!” I didn’t come up with nothing, but I believe myself to be the first to fully understand “it”. As for selling nothing, I am also the first to come up with that idea. Others have claimed to sell nothing at times but, as I mentioned before, just because you used the word “nothing” to describe something, does not make that something nothing. Even a con man who exchanges money for nothing usually uses some sort of prop, or perhaps sells a dream or even his own personality. He’s not just selling nothing. I “literally” sell nothing. What’s more, I am the first by a long shot to sell nothing on the Internet. I acquired the domain in 1995 and have had my educational site there ever since. What’s even more, to show my dedication to nothing I’ve left it (the web site) virtually unchanged ever since, with only minor edits and additions. In fact there are broken links that have been there since its creation.

Now that is beautiful.

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