Saturday, February 3, 2007

Q&A Something for Nothing

On November 17 2006 Todd Reed wrote:

I planned on sending you an email to order nothing, then I thought,………………. why? So I did’nt.
But I changed my mind, so I decided to order nothing instead. And I actually got nothing, which is what I asked for and now I know that nothing really is something, so now I would like nothing again. Can you send it?

To Which I responded:

Hi Todd,

I don't know where you got this "nothing" of yours. But I can assure you that we have a nonopoly on nothing, which means that we have the exclusive right to sell nothing. All the proof I need to show that the "nothing" you acquired is indeed a forgery is right here in the letter you sent, which reads in part, "now I know that nothing really is something". The use of the word something to describe nothing is a clear indicator of your having been duped by what we refer to as a Something for Nothing Scam. A Something for Nothing Scam is when someone has disguised, modified or otherwise disfigured something to make it appear worthless and thus (in the mind of the uninformed) appear to be nothing. Even without seeing whatever it is that you have and refer to as both nothing and something, I can assure you (however worthless it may seem) it is something. You see, something is what can be referred to as minor opposite/neutral of nothing. I would say that the one (and nothing) are nothing alike, but that may confuse you. The fact is, that compared to nothing, something might as well be almost everything (everything being what we refer to as a major opposite/neutral of nothing).

About major and minor opposite/neutrals: Although the word "opposite" really can't apply to nothing, we use the term along with the modifier "neutral" to indicate to the uninitiated that there is no force exerted by nothing in this equation. The true opposite of everything would be -everything. But -everything is still an actual value (a debt which must be paid, which is something), the same is true of something and -something. Understanding this total lack of force and value will help some to think deeply enough to realize that nothing needs no descriptor, just a word, or nothing at all. I could get into a long explanation of the mathematical term zero as used in an equation vs. zero as a generic descriptor of nothing, but as you can tell that should be unnecessary based on what I've already said.

Nothing is not like, akin to or opposite of something, anything, a thing or everything. The only thing about nothing is the word "nothing" which is often used to "describe" "it". The word nothing is something, but it means nothing.

I hope this information will help yourself and others avoid these terrible time-wasting Something for Nothing Scams in the future. I hate to see people suffer because of something masquerading as nothing.

Thanks for your interest in nothing. Sorry you got ripped off.

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