Thursday, February 15, 2007

Q&A A pile of nothing?

On Feb 15, 2007, at 10:18 AM, Hendrik wrote:

I would like to order nothing, do you send it in pacs, or just one big pile of nothing, I like to shere it with my frends.
Thank you

To which I responded:

Thank you for your question, but I think you are referring to something and not nothing. I will answer the first part of your question first.

Yes, sometimes we send nothing in a package along with instructions. Other times we send nothing near a package containing instructions. Other times nothing is sent along with no package containing no instructions. This third option must be specifically requested using the methods outlined in our help blog, (in fact, the very first Q&A posting to our blog) at

The second part of your question indicates that you are referring to something and not nothing because you use the term "pile of nothing", something can be piled, almost anything can be piled, but nothing can't be piled. Why? Because "it" isn't, and "things" that aren't can't be piled or even have other things done to them. Also, and this is a minor point that still must be addressed, you shouldn't count "things" that aren't. Yes, even the number "one" is at least 1 too great.

Thank you again for your interest in nothing, I hope this answers your questions.

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