Saturday, February 3, 2007

Yet another blatant nothing rip off...

Somebody has been selling something disguised as nothing to unwitting consumers again. This is just plain sad. While we sit around trying to educate people there are "know-nothings" (who don't) completely confusing the issue by selling trash like this.

I know, you could just go there and buy this because it is right on the image explaining where it came from. But you would be a fool to do this. Because there isn't just nothing inside this plastic dome. There is blatant plagiarism, fiendish copyright infringement, weak conceptualization and mind-numbing misinformation.

I know that millions of people have viewed the site over the years, but how many of those have copied bits and peices of it to try to make a buck? Seems like about 20,000 or so. Since we first published this site we have seen massive ad campaigns, obvious rip off products (such as pictured above), comedy sketches, movie plot lines (and gags), even activist platforms all with obvious nods to This would be great if 1: they were actually teaching people nothing, and 2: we were given credit as the greatest minds on nothing known today. Of course, they pretend they thought of this all by themselves. It is clear to those who know nothing, that these people couldn't have come up with these ideas on their own because they wouldn't make obvious mistakes like the following: The item pictured above contains the words, "Absolutely Nothing" yet it is clear that there is a package containging it. And when I say it, I mean it! This package (which is already something) is full of air, gravitons, photons, a huge crazy range of electro-magnetic wavelengths etc... We have always made it clear that on earth nothing comes packed in air, but we would never put "it" in a see-thru enclosure, or even an enclosure.

I just wanted to educate everyone a little on how to spot a blatant rip-off. But if you read it, it's pretty obvious. Don't waste your money on a scam.

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