Monday, February 5, 2007

Q&A Nothing on the bandwagon?

On Nov 13, 2004, at 10:41 PM, N Robbins wrote:

how many people have ACTUALLY baught the manual (and/or T-Shirts?!)

To which I replied:

Dear Someone,

You seem to be a bit confused about nothing. If you're looking for bandwagon marketing and a "everybody's doing it" sales pitch then you don't know nothing at all. We only want people to buy nothing if they truly care about nothing. And we only want you to wear a "nothing" tee-shirt if you understand nothing well enough to explain that there is no such thing or that "it" does not exist. Thus, through our laziness we devised a method of testing the interest and understanding of each viewer of the site. You must order by printing out the form and sending a check. Now, we know that no one wants to do that, and that is how we test them to see if they understand nothing. I must tell you, it works brilliantly.

We have considered using online shopping. It's actually much cheaper and easier for us, but we'll probably still wait a while. We are afraid it may look a bit too somethingy.

Also, we don't sell manuals. You buy nothing and the manual is free.

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