Sunday, February 18, 2007

Q&A Sending nothing to Canada...

On Feb 18, 2007, at 10:54 AM, i want nothing wrote:

i really want nothing....... this is total genius and i've been searching my whole life for nothing. if i woulda known a could buy nothing i woulda done it ages ago. but my problem is i live in canada, but i really want and desire nothing ,if i threw in the extra coin could you send nothing to canada? and a t-shirt that says nothing?

To which I responded:

I'm happy to have been instrumental in aiding you with your search. I'm not bragging when I say of myself, "without me the world would still believe that nothing was something else, rather than nothing at all." I'm also not being egotistical when I quote myself.

I appreciate that you want to buy nothing and a shirt, and I would like to assist you in getting nothing plus the tee-shirt which may help other Canadians start their search for nothing. How about this, you figure out the exchange rate and send in the form, and as long as the exchange rate is still correct when the check arrives we'll send your shirt and nothing and instructions.

We are seriously considering setting up a little store from which to shop online so you could wait for that, but this whole fill out a form and send us a check is more our speed so we may never bother to change it.

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